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Where learning Thai is as easy as peeling a banana.
Learn Thai in a more efficient, flexible and enjoyable way.

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Why BananaThai?

More Efficient

Master Thai language by spending less time and even less money. Courses are designed to be quick and efficient to master.

More Flexible

Design your own learning schedule. Play, Replay and Pause anytime at everywhere

More Enjoyable

Get a fun and engaging learning experience. Various innovative tools will help you accelerate your progress.

Custom made materials

Our downloadable materials are specifically designed and structured to motivate students to learn Thai in an efficient and enjoyable way.

Free downloadable Textbook, Exercise and Solution Books 
Smart Structure with 4 separated sections: vocabulary, grammar, Thai usage and conversations
Clear course outline and checklist to track a student’s progress
Full of colourful texts and supporting photos
Numerous examples and exercises are provided

Access to Online Flashcards

We provide our students an innovative way to learn and practice Thai vocabulary and pronunciation outside the classroom via a smartphone application.

Access to more than 500+ Thai words and 100+ Thai phrases
Improve pronunciation with both Thai and English audios
Photos and diagrams will help keep students motivated
Track student’s progress with games, exercises and tests
Available both on Android and iOS
Multiple access; on smartphone, tablet, and computer

Innovative Video Lessons

With an Interactive Smart Board, I can annotate my slides, highlight important keys as well as note down tips and techniques to provide you fun and engaging experience like you are in a real classroom

High quality video and sound
Motivating teacher keeps students engaged by asking them to repeat words and answer questions while learning
Pause, play and replay whenever you want
24/7 access makes it easy for your self-paced learning

What Our Students Say

BananaThai School is only 5-star rated from our past students on our Facebook page.

Great experience with Khun Kru Smuk! She has a good personality and I enjoyed every class and thanks to her patience my thai has improved a lot. Well recommended to those who wants to learn effectively yet have some fun.

Joanne LaiFounder at Organic Pavillion, Malaysia

I've had the pleasure of working with Smuk in improving my Thai language skills. She is easy-going, fun and a great teacher all around. After working with her my Thai improved a lot and I can better understand and communicate on my day to day interactions with Thai people.

Dionis KoleChief Marketing Officer at LEX247, Greece

Learning Thai with Smuk is fun and easy. She is very professional, uses a lot of online material. The online material is well organized, very easy to follow. I think she is one of the best Thai teachers out there.

Wals KwendaManagement and Strategy Consultant at Management Consulting, USA

Learning Thai has never been more engaging and enjoyable. Smuk has a well-laid out plan on how to learn the language and quickly adapt it into practice. The environment is relaxed and I have always left knowing much more than what we originally set out to learn at the beginning of each class.

Lester OlayerVideo Editing Freelancer, The Philippines

I enjoyed my experience studying Thai with Smuk. The class style was exciting, unique, encouraging, and a lot of fun. The teacher goes through the subtle intricacies of the language such as tone and the slight differences in meaning when translating into English. I found that Smuk was excited about being there with you, which makes a difference.

Mark SetfordLanguage Teacher at British Council, England

Kru Smuk lives up to her promise - making Learning Thai as easy as peeling a Banana and also fun at the same time. The best part is the Quizlet Flashcards and testing Application which has web and Mobile version. Your learning Companion on the go -with the pronounciations too. Its Thailand 4.0 style - Learning Thai. Definitely would recommend. Am eagerly waiting for her Business Thai lessons to come out.

Sanjeev Angelo PintoIT Manager at Tech Mahindra, India

So far I did 20 classes with BananaThai via Skype and I would recommend it to everyone that wants to learn Thai. I made a lot of progress and really enjoy her way of teaching and online student materials that I can review from my phone and computer with proper audios. I will be doing more classes and looking forward to learn more.

Alexander Trifiro, CanadaPPC/SEO/Ecommerce Developer
More Efficient. More Flexible. More Enjoyable.

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