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A new way of learning Thai

With BananaThai, learning Thai is much more enjoyable. Our innovative learning tools, motivating Thai teacher and practical contents will help you learn Thai effortlessly. 


More Flexible

Access to online lessons and learning materials anytime from everywhere to learn Thai at your own pace


More Enjoyable

Kru Smuk promises the most enjoyable and engaging learning experience like you are in her actual class


More Effective

Great contents put in well-structured courses make it easy and quick to follow. Various tools are also provided

Thai with Kru Smuk

Say goodbye to old ways of learning a language. Kru Smuk (Teacher Smuk) introduces you to a creative way to learn Thai with her quick and fun video lessons, interesting blog contents, interactive tools, and powerful courses. Her personality lifts up an enjoyable learning experience.

Start learning Thai with my online courses

Currently, I am offering two online courses: Intensive Thai course (Conversational Thai) and Ultimate Guide to Thai Reading (Reading Thai). Choose the one suits you!

Read Thai Blog Posts

Learn interesting topics related to Thai language, Thai culture as well as a life style in Thailand.

Free Ultimate Guide to Beginner ThaiAn ebook set to get started with Thai language
  • 30 Thai useful phrases for beginners
  • 10 Thai grammar rules you need to know

Plus, weekly updates and valuable content from Kru Smuk to improve your Thai!