Learning Thai is as easy as peeling a Banana
More flexible, enjoyable and effective

A new way of learning Thai

With BananaThai, learning Thai had never been this enjoyable. Our innovative learning tools, motivating instructor and practical contents allow you to learn Thai effortlessly. 


More Flexible

Design your learning schedule and locate your classroom on your own. Access online learning tools on to go


More Enjoyable

Kru Smuk promises the most enjoyable and engaging learning experience like you are in the actual class


More Effective

Learn essential contents you can practically apply in your daily conversation right after lesson

What learning tools will you get?

Downloadable student textbook and exercise sheets

Get your colored 120-page textbook, with contents and photos. Write down your own notes and highlight your keywords, while learning on screen. 

Exercise sheets come with solution sheets. You can test yourself and see your result right away.

Enhance your memory with online flashcard games

Learners can access to more than 500 Thai words and phrases via Quizlet Application. Besides photos, diagrams and Thai audios help you remember words while improving listening skill.

This flashcard app is available on iOS, Android as CPs. Just learn Thai on the go.

Access the course with easy-to-use learning platform

The online course and learning tools can be easily accessed and smoothly used on our learning platform. Access the course anytime on your screens – available on iOS, Android and PC.

Once you gained a great Thai foundation with the course,

you will ultimately be able to continue learning Thai on your own.

How my students love my course

More than 100 students enrolled to this course and 
ultimately be confident to speak Thai and enjoy a better life in Thailand

Start learning Thai today

More flexible, enjoyable and effective