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It is my passion to help my students enjoy their better living experience in Thailand when they are able to speak Thai with confidence.

Pariyakorn Chamni (Kru Smuk)

Hi there,

Here is Kru Smuk ครูสมุ้ก – the founder and headteacher of BananaThai. I love to travel, learn about cultures and of course, languages. As a self-learner, I have experience in learning foreign languages such as English and German while being abroad. I learned to develop the right mindset, motivation, and method to enjoyably master a language. So I want to share the same experience and success with you too.

There are different formats of contents to help Thai learners improve their Thai: video lessons, podcasts, blog posts and online programs.

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No matter you’re a beginner or a pro, there are various online learning Thai programs to help you improve your Thai in an enjoyable way with BananaThai