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9 Chinese New Year Taboos

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xīn nián kuài lè  (新年快乐)
Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

If you look around, all shopping malls or even local markets are full of deals and promotions to welcome Chinese New Year. Chinese-Thais seem to be very excited about this pleasant time. I am also looking forward to going to China Town or เยาวราช (Yao-wa-rat) for some shopping and Chinese street food.


5 Foreigners speaking Thai like a Pro

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It is possible to master Thai!

There are so many foreigners who set up their lives in Thailand, learned Thai, and finally started to speak Thai and be able to engage themselves to the Thai community.

Many of them set up social media channels to help Thai people to learn English. Besides, many of them use their great Thai speaking skill and amazing humor to become famous bloggers and influencers.

Here are the names of 5 famous foreigners who can speak Thai like a pro.

1. Ajarn Adam

If you think about a foreigner who has been famous among Thai fans, especially those who are interested in learning English, Ajarn Adam is the one! 

With his great Thai accent and the ability to explain in Thai language, he successfully founded an English language school on Ajarnadam.tv

Visit Ajarn Adam’s website

2. My Mate Nate


Some of you might have seen a couple of videos of Khun Nate, who has more than 7 million followers on his Youtube Channel. His funny videos include his perspectives towards Thai society, news updates, as well as crazy experiments. His humor and creativity brought up so many issues to discuss in Thai society.


3. Andrew Biggs

I believe you might have come across the name “Andrew Biggs”, the owner of Andrew Biggs TV channel on Youtube to help Thai people learn English with a great fun. In addition, I believe he is one of the foreigners who have been famous in Thai society as far back as I remember.


4. Picnicly 

Picnicly is a lifestyle Youtube channel with a variety of topics such as culture, technology, travel, food, and product review. This channel is mainly hosted by khun Luke, a foreigner speaking Thai and khun Tae. With their great personality and interesting content, they managed to have more than 500k followers on their channel.


5. Udom Suksanaih

Khun Udom Suksanaih is one of the famous foreigners who not only speaks Thai, but can even speak the Northern dialect. As he moved to Thailand and was raised in Thai since he was five years old, one can’t deny that he is just like another Thai person.

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See! It is possible for foreigners to speak Thai. With effort and passion to learn, everything is possible.

You get the benefits more than just be able to communicate with the locals but to be able to engage yourself in the community. 


ฝรั่งพูดภาษาไทย น่ารักดี
/Farang phûud phaa-saa Thai, nâa-rák dii/
Foreigners speaking Thai are so sweet.