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Why a self-paced course?

Why spending more time and energy to be in a classroom, when you can have the same experience from your screen at anytime everywhere? 

You can easily log in to your student account, download learning materials, watch video lessons, do exercises on your printed textbook, play with flashcards and do quizzes – every thing is online! Plus, your progress and quiz scores are tracked to make it easy for you to reach your studying goals.

All contents are designed and taught by me with a friendly and motivating style. No more boring Thai class but an exciting one. 

Available courses

conversation thai course

Intensive Thai Course

Finally speak Thai fluently in a proper structure. This course provides not only practical vocabulary but also essential grammar to help you converse Thai in a proper sentence structure.

Ultimate Guide to Thai Reading

Discover the world of Thai script and master reading and writing Thai in a way that is simple and quick to master. I guarantee the friendliest experiences and a enjoyable path to walk on. 

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Course materials

Access the course with easy-to-use learning platform

The online course and learning tools can be easily accessed and smoothly used on our learning platform.

 Access the course anytime on your screens – available on iOS, Android and PC.

Enhance your memory with online flashcard games

Each course provides different sets of online flashcards to help you memorise what you have learned. Besides each set comes with Thai audios that will enhance your Thai pronunciation.

This flashcard app is available on iOS, Android as CPs. Just learn Thai on the go.

Downloadable textbook and exercise

Once you logged in to your student account, you will be able to access the downloadable textbooks and exercise. 

Print them out and get ready to start your first video lesson. You can write down and keep all notes in one place!


Most frequent questions and answers

You can easily log in to your student account (acquired after enrolled in and purchased the course) at https://sso.teachable.com/secure/269394/users/sign_in. Then you can access all contents including video lessons, downloadable materials and quizzes.

The personal progress and your quiz scores will also be saved. Makes it easy for you to track your progress.

Most of the time I would recommend a beginner to start with the Intensive Thai Course as it provides knowledge starting from beginning until you are able to converse in your daily situations.

You will get more and more familiar with Thai and its nature of the language. By learning how to communicate in Thai, you can put what you have learned in practice by mingling around and impressed locals with your conversational skill. Once you know around 100-300 Thai words and feel more comfortable with Thai, you can continue with learning Thai script.

However, if you’re a linguistic person, really enthusiastic, patient and have quite a long term studying plan (1-3 years), then I think starting with Thai script can be reasonable. It’s worth it to invest time learning to read and write Thai as you can ultimately continue learning Thai vocabulary on your own from everywhere.

Learning Thai script normally takes 3-6 months to be fluent with reading. So if yo plan to be in Thailand for 1 month, better go for the speaking course.

Currently, there are three plans available for the online courses:

Monthly Subscription:

You will be able to access the course and learning materials as long as you subscribe. The subscription will be automatically renewed every 30 days and can be canceled anytime.

3-Month Subscription:

Same as monthly subscription but The subscription will be automatically renewed every 90 days and can be canceled anytime.

Once your subscription is terminated, you won’t be able to the course materials and online videos.

Lifetime Access:

This plan is a one time payment, you will be able to access to the course and learning materials for a lifetime. 

If you plan to travel to Thai regularly or live in Thailand for a while, a lifetime access is a very good investment to keep yourself learning Thai when you want to. As you can always come back to take a look at video lessons to refresh, review and practice with the materials provided.

Credit card and Debit card are accepted for the payment process.

If you prefer Thai Banking Transfer or Paypal, you can contact via email and I will send you a quotation.

It is a 10-hour course with around 45 video lessons. Each lesson takes 10-15 minutes to complete. You can easily finish one lesson every morning and practice during the day, and it will take you 45 days.  Again, you can go back to the previous lessons to review anytime.

A few students contacted me as the amount of the payment include EU tax when they wish to pay with a credit card registered in EU. (My platform is repressible to withhold the tax and submit it according to the legal process).

Please contact me for other payment solution. 

Reviews from past students


Only 5-Star review from my past students
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The Reading Thai course is featured rich, entertaining and a rewarding resource. Better than any book (no interaction) Kru Smuk makes it very easy, almost holding your hand walking you through the contents. The ability to leave comments in each section & receive timely replies on your comments makes it truly interactive.
Testimonial khun Mike
Mike H
Retired and live in Amnat Charoen
I thoroughly enjoyed the Intensive Thai course. Kru Smuk explains everything very well and very clearly. I love that she uses examples for every little section and adds a lot of extra information throughout each lesson. 10/10 recommend this course for beginner - lower intermediate speakers! thank you Kru Smuk​
Dayna Carstens
Teaching in a Thai school and live in Bangkok
I was first wondering if an online course will work for me but no doubt, it definitely does ! The good thing of the online Intensive Thai course is that you can learn whenever you want, also Kru Smuk is very dynamic and funny, so it makes you want to come back to learn more each time.

Julien Nignifo
Co-founder at SomTamLabs


If you need more time or further information to decide before enrolling the course, please feel free to contact me to get personal assistance. 

Free Ultimate Guide to Beginner ThaiAn ebook set to get started with Thai language
  • 30 Thai useful phrases for beginners
  • 10 Thai grammar rules you need to know

Plus, weekly updates and valuable content from Kru Smuk to improve your Thai!