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An Ultimate Guide to Learn Thai from Zero to a Hero

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Some of my students confessed that they thought it would not be easy to learn as it is nearly impossible to speak Thai. Some of them had a bad experience from their past schools/teachers, and some of them had not tried it out.

Thai lessons would sound scary for you, but not here with Intensive Thai Course – an online self-paced course to learn Thai at your own pace with great learning materials and tools.

"47 video lessons to help you master conversational Thai with a great confidence and enjoyable learning experience"

What will you master with this course?

  • Converse Thai in a proper sentence structure
  • Gain comprehensive listening skill
  • Count numbers from zero to million
  • Tell a story with different tenses
  • Explain your daily routine
  • Talking about plan with a specific time
  • Talk about your family trip with your colleagues
  • Guide the delivery man to your home
  • Hold a Thai conversation with confidence
  • Build polite imperative (asking for a favor)
  • Using classifiers (unit of noun)

Course materials

Downloadable student textbook and exercise sheets

Get your colored 120-page textbook, with contents and photos. Write down your own notes and highlight your keywords, while learning on screen. 

Exercise sheets come with solution sheets. You can test yourself and see your result right away.

Enhance your memory with online flashcard games

Learners can access to more than 500 Thai words and phrases via Quizlet Application. Besides photos, diagrams and Thai audios help you remember words while improving listening skill.

This flashcard app is available on iOS, Android as CPs. Just learn Thai on the go.

Access the course with easy-to-use learning platform

The online course and learning tools can be easily accessed and smoothly used on our learning platform. Access the course anytime on your screens – available on iOS, Android and PC.

Course previews

Chapter 2.1 [Vocabulary]

Chapter 4.3 [Grammar]

Chapter 2.3 [Thai Usage]

Get a Lifetime Access for ฿5900

unlimitedly access the course and learning materials with your lifetime account – one-time payment, no monthly fee

See what my past students say?


Only 5-Star review from my past students
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Kru Smuk lives up to her promise - making Learning Thai as easy as peeling a Banana and also fun at the same time. The best part is the Quizlet Flashcards and testing Application which has web and Mobile version. Im eagerly waiting for her Business Thai lessons to come out.
Sanjeev Pinto
Designer IT Manager at Tech Mahindra
Great experience with Khun Kru Smuk! She has a good personality and I enjoyed every class and thanks to her patience my Thai has improved a lot. Well recommended to those who wants to learn effectively yet have some fun.

Joanne Lai
General Manager at Organic Pavilion
I was first wondering if an online course will work for me but no doubt, it definately does ! The good things is that you can learn whenever you want, also Kru Smuk is very dynamic and funny, so it makes you want to come back to learn more each time.

Julien Nignifo
Co-founder at SomTamLabs

The best investment for a more enjoyable life in Thailand

With this self-paced intensive Thai course, you will get

  • An access to the course and learning materials
  • 10 chapters with 47 video lesson (in total 9 hours)
  • Downloadable pdf. textbook, exercise and solution sheets
  • In-lesson quizes
  • Thai audio bonus to improve your listening skill
  • Practice with 500+ online flashcards on the go
  • Access via smartphone, tablet and laptop
  • 15-min walkthrough session via Zoom
  • 3-day satisfaction guaranteed
  • Access to the booking for private lessons with Kru Smuk


Most frequent questions and answers

Currently, there are two plans available for this course:

Monthly Subscription:

You will be able to access the course and learning materials as long as you subscribe. The subscription will be automatically renewed every 30 days and can be canceled anytime. Once your subscription is terminated, you won’t be able to the course materials and online videos.

Lifetime Access:

This plan is a one time payment, you will be able to access to the course and learning materials for a lifetime. 

If you are a beginner, I would suggest you to subscribe the lifetime access as it will take around 2-3 months for you to go through all contents and materials to master the course without rushing too much. You can learn Thai at your own pace at anytime everywhere.

If you are an intermediate learner and you are here just to filling some gabs or review specific lessons, monthly subscription might be the option for you. Please note once you terminate your subscription, you won’t be able to access any video lessons and learning materials.

If you plan to travel to Thai regularly or live in Thailand for a while, a lifetime access is a very good investment to keep yourself learning Thai when you want to. As you can always come back to take a look at video lessons to refresh, review and practice with the materials provided.

Credit card and Debit card are accepted for the payment process. Besides, you can also purchase a course with PayPal.

It is a 10-hour course with around 45 video lessons. Each lesson takes 10-15 minutes to complete. You can easily finish one lesson every morning and practice during the day, and it will take you 45 days.  Again, you can go back to the previous lessons to review anytime.

Your 100% satisfaction with BananaThai is our #1 concern.

A fully refund is applicable within 3 days after your purchase. We offer the refund only when there is a reasonable difficulty of using the platform such as trouble downloading a course materials, trouble logging in and trouble accessing to the online video lessons. Please note that a course purchased by a promo is not applicable.


If you need more time or further information to decide before enrolling the course, please feel free to contact me to get personal assistance. 

Free Ultimate Guide to Beginner ThaiAn ebook set to get started with Thai language
  • 30 Thai useful phrases for beginners
  • 10 Thai grammar rules you need to know

Plus, weekly updates and valuable content from Kru Smuk to improve your Thai!