Thai phrase – how to say ‘Have fun!’ in Thai

By January 29, 2020How to say this in Thai
Have fun in Thai

When your friends are planning to play football, go on a vacation, do yoga or even watch a movie at a cinema, it would be so nice of you to wish them ‘Have Fun!’, but how to say that in Thai? Check out this post.

Thai phrases are different from English

If you translate a sentence by google translation, sometimes the translated sentences do not sound so natural. It is because of the nature of Thai language: word choices and construction is totally different.

For examples

เจอกัน /jeer-gan/ = meet you!
While in English, you would say ‘See you!’

ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัก /yin-dii thii-day rúu-jàk/ = I am glad to know you.
While in English, you would say ‘It’s nice to meet you’

Therefore, translating word by word is not a good idea to speak Thai.

Have fun traveling in Thai

How to wish people ‘Have fun!’

Well, there is no word or phrase in Thai for ‘Have fun!’. However, we do have something similar to that.We would say ‘Have fun ….. (doing something)’ instead.

The sentence structure would be:

Verb + ให้สนุก /hâi sà-nùk/
So it is more like ….. for fun!

Vocabulary keys:

ให้ hâi = for
สนุก sà-nùk = fun

For examples

  • เรียนภาษาไทยให้สนุกนะ, rian paa-sãa-Thai hâi sà-nùk ná = Have fun learning Thai!
  • เล่นฟุตบอลให้สนุกนะ, lên football hâi sà-nùk ná = Have fun playing football!
  • เที่ยวภูเก็ตให้สนุกนะ, thîaw Phuket hâi sà-nùk ná = Have fun traveling to Phuket!
  • ดูหนังให้สนุกนะ, duu-nãang hâi sa-nùk ná = Have fun watching a movie!
  • เล่นโยคะให้สนุกนะ, lên yoo-ká hâi sa-nùk ná = Have fun doing yoga!

It makes sense right? Just put hâi sà-nùk at the end of the sentence to wish people to have fun!

‘Have fun traveling’ in Thai

This quick Thai video lesson will show you how to put this in practice.
Let’s practice your Thai listening skills and see how much you got it!

Hope you enjoy learning Thai 
rian paa-sãa-Thai hâi sa-nuùk na

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