Learn 3 Thai Phrases to Save the World

Saving our environment and the world by learning 3 Thai phrases

Thailand is well-known as a country for a convenient lifestyle.
It is fascinating to see different vendors selling any kinds of products on the street and walking pace.

However, this convenient consuming became a great problem when plastics are just everywhere. Many street food vendors offer too much of unnecessary plastic bags, straws, and undegraded containers.

Here are the 3 Thai phrases
to save the world by rejecting plastics

Phrase 1: no bag!

  • ไม่ใส่ถุง /mây-sày thúng/ = Don’t add it in a plastic bag.
  • ไม่เอาถุง /mây-ao thúng/ = I don’t want a bag.
  • ไม่รับถุง /mây-ráb thúng/ = I don’t want a bag. (more polite) 
Please note that if you want to be specific with the plastic-type of a bag, you can easily say /thúng plastic/ or plastic bag.

Phrase 2: no straw!

  • ไม่เอาหลอด /mây-aw lòrd/ = I don’t want a straw.
Some drinks can be easily served without an unnecessary plastic straw. Luckily, many restaurants and bars started to serve drinks with reusable straws.

Phrase 3: Reduce food containers

  • ทานที่นี่ /thaan thîi-nîi/ = To eat here.
  • เอากล่องมาเอง /ao glòng maa eng/ = I took my own box.
Well, most of the food containers in Thailand are made from single used plastic and foam which are not environmentally friendly. So I would encourage you to either eat at the restaurant or take home with a reusable box or containers you bring. 

Vocabulary charts

    • ทาน  /thaan/ = to eat (polite form of /kin/)
    • ที่นี่ /thîi-nîi/ = here
    • ใส่  /sày/ = to add in / to put on
    • ถุง /thúng/ = shopping bag (In this case, it refers to plastic bags)

Let me know if you have any other ideas to save the world.
Let’s save the world by rejecting plastics together!

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