Learn Thai on BTS Skytrain

Do you wonder what they announce on the BTS Skytrain?


If you live in Bangkok, one of the convenient transportation you use every day is the sky train or
what we call “BTS” train. And before getting to the next station,
there is always be a lady’s voice announcing something.
Today I would like to help you explain, what exactly the lady says.

Learn Thai from the BTS’s announcement


photo by Bangkok.com


2 main words

/sà-thãa-nii/ = station
/sà-thãa-nii tam-rùad/ = police station
/sà-thãa-nii ròd-fay/ = train station

/tòor-pay/ = next
/kráng tòr-pay/ = next time
/khon tòr-pay/ = next person

When you put these 2 words together, it means
/sà-thãa-nii tòr-pay,sà-thãa-nii Asok/
“Next station, Asok Station”



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