Learn Thai to pronounce 5 famous island names

Before visiting paradisiac THAI ISLANDS, learn to pronounce their names correctly first. 


Everyone loves island life, especially beautiful island with white sand and crystal clear water.
Thailand also offers more than hundreds of beautiful islands along two sides of coastlines.
But there are more than half of them who pronounce the names of the islands wrong!

5 mispronounced island names
and how to pronounce them correctly


photo from the World Bucket List.com


First of all, you need to know that island is ko (เกาะ),  in Thai language.
This word is often alternately romanized as kohgo or goh.
the correct way to pronounce the word is /gòh/ (with the low tone)

Island #1

/gòh líi-bpáe/ not /khor lii-phae/

Island #2

/gòh phà-ngan/ not /khor pha-nan/, /khor pha-ngang/ or thousands more 

Island #3

/gòh dtàw/ not /khor thaw/

Island #4

/gòh piipii/ (like pee pee or when you need to go to the toilet) not /khor fii-fii/

Island #5

/kòh cháaaaang/ not /khor cheng/ 


Hope you enjoy this videos and able to tell your friends
“how to pronounce these 5 famous Thai island correctly”
before experiencing the real beauty of each one.


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