Learn the word play or /lên/ in Thai language

Play or /lên/ is NOT used only for music, games, and sports.

Learn the word “play” or เล่น /lên/
in Thai language 


Play is one of my most favorite English words as I love to play.
In English, you can use the word “play” with sports, music, and games,
while in Thai language, we can use the word เล่น /lên/ or play in much more cases.

How to use it? 

/lên/ can be used with anything that gives you some fun and joy. 

Now I will show you some interesting examples with the word /lên/


1. To Gamble

photo from Pwc.co.za

เล่นการพนัน /lên kaanpha-nan/
As gambling gives you some excitement and fun, Thai people use the word /lên/ with gambling

พนัน /pha-nan/ (verb) = to gamble
การพนัน /kaan pha-nan/ (n) = gambling

Ex. ฉันไม่ชอบเล่นการพนัน /chãn mây chôorb lên kaan-pa-nan/ = I don’t like to gamble. 


2. To Do Yoga

photo by yogajournal.com


เล่นโยคะ /lên yoo-khá/
Eventhough, we say “do yoga” in English, we use the word “lên” or “play” in Thai language as yoga is fun.

Ex. แม่ของฉันเล่นโยคะทุกวัน /mâe-khõrng-chãn lên yoo-khá thúk-wan/ = My mom does yoga everyday.


3. To do drug

photo by Kapook.com


เล่นยา /lên yaa/
Frankly, I don’t wanna touch this topic, but it is so interesting that we use the word /lên/ with drugs.
It is because drugs might give someone temporary joy.

Note: /lên/ used only with the colloquial term, we use the word /sèeb/ as a proper way to say instead)

เสพ /sèeb/ (v) = to consume used mostly with drugs (formal term)
ยา /yaa/ (n) = drugs or medicine
ยาเสพติด /yaa-sèb-tìd/ (n) = drugs or habit forming

Ex. เพื่อนของฉันถูกจับเพราะเล่นยา /phûeng khõrng chãn thùuk-jàb phrór lên-yaa/ = My friend got arrested because he did drugs.


Hope you enjoy this topic, and let me know,

what you like to PLAY in Thai language.

Keep learning Thai and see you soon!

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